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Have you ever had to buy a round of drinks for your friends, but forgotten what to order by the time you were served at the bar? Or better yet, have you remembered the order, but the barman gives you the wrong drinks because he didn't hear you properly? Well don't worry... "My Buy" is here to help you solve this problem.

The engineers at Roaming Programmer have been known to have a drink or two at the local pub, and have spent alot of time analysing this problem. Much of the data for this analysis was obtained through practical experimentation in the field.

We believe that those many hours of experimentation were worth the effort. Our engineers have used their vast experience in developing software systems for Air Traffic Control, Defence and Financial applications to help solve this vexing problem.

The result of their efforts is the "My Buy" application.

The core features:

  1. Drink and quantity selection - ability to incrementally specify the desired quantity of a particular drink.
  2. Special comments - ability to annotate your drink order with special comments.
  3. Summarised order - ability to display the complete order to the barman.
  4. Preferred drinks list - customisation of commonly ordered drinks in your preferred drinks list.
  5. Drinks library - a large selection of pre-defined drinks in the main library.
  6. Personalisation - ability to set the drink images in your preferred drinks list.

For more information, check out the User Guide.


Latest News

1 March 2014
My Buy now available FREE in App Store

17 May 2013
Pick of the week in the West Australian

8 April 2013
My Buy available in App Store

30 March 2013
My Buy application submitted to Apple.

23 March 2013
Beta testing of My Buy version 1.0 completed.